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Make business with us

We are a new dynamic start-up with high business potential.  We designed a mobile app and we use it with a business model where all parties involved profit.

Taxi customers get way better prices than the average prices on the market. Taxi companies get new customers.

And cooperating partners in our network enjoy a generous part of our profit.  

We are searching for a major partner in your country. 

Read further.

Country Representative - Global

If they were now sending people to Mars, you would be the one to send first. The new and the unknown thrills you. You are immediately capable of seeing the possibilities and create something out of nothing. You are one of those people that open a fridge, find there one potato and two tomatoes, and are innovative enough to make a delicious meal.


  • Making an extensive market research about your city, local taxi companies, their ways of operating, local target consumers
  • Choosing local taxi company and dealing with it administratively
  • Creating marketing strategies to encourage user adoption and penetration of Taxi Club
  • Choosing local communications officers, working with him/her closely on examining the local Taxi Club circulation traffic and scaling the business
  • Developing future business opportunities


  • An early adopter. You don't look back with sadness for the good ol` times. You're happy with the time and place you are in and what it brings with it.
  • A perfect swimmer. You expect difficulties. In fact, you look forward to them. Because, you are adjustable to every environment and know how to navigate them. 
  • A charmer. You speak many social languages. You wear many different hats. With style.
  • A problem-solver. You don't fold down and cry. You keep your calm and find solutions to problems.
  • A man with experience. You worked as a ice-cream seller. Dog-sitter. CEO of a tech company. Stripper. Whatever. You handled it well, you had fun and a helluva lot of experience.
  • An analyst. Your eyes can be razors. And sometimes you just can't see that forest, because of that tree. But sometimes it's the other way around. 
  • A gentleman. You speak, walk, talk and write with style. Without kitch, of course. 
  • A man of morals. Yes. You don't play dirty. Ever.


  • College degree not important. Experience yes. And that one involves 5+ years of marketing, production and/or operations management (or related)
  • Experience in strategic planning of business development
  • Experience in creating and executing marketing plans
  • Experience in managing teams


  • Social media wizard
  • Writing – blogging and/or editing a plus
  • Flueny in one or more of the following languages: English, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, Arab

Does all of this beautifully describes you? If so, give us a shout at ivana.preiss@taxiclub24.com

Communication Country Officer - Global

We are searching for a community communication wizard, a person comfortable with “wearing different hats” when talking to different kinds of people, solving unexpected problems (afterall, we are a startup) and improvising.

You are

  • A problem-solver. You see difficulties as challenges and don't freak out by them.
  • Innovative. You think outside of the box and provide unusual solutions.
  • Resourceful. You adjust easily to whatever environment.
  • Naturally fun. You talk easily with people and you are not prejudiced.
  • Eloquent. You know how to write, talk on the phone and in person. 
  • Elegant. You don't lose your temper. You keep your style.
  • Motivated and self-driven. You are turned on by possibility of creating awesomeness.
  • Moral. You don't play dirty.


You need to spread around the Taxi Club Love. You need to add branches to our network of users. Their growth in numbers is in the description of your day job. Pampering to their needs is there also as well as

  • Developing communication campaign about Taxi Club in your city, region
  • Dealing with the local taxi company in daily affairs
  • Supporting our customers in case of unsatisfaction from their side
  • Monitoring social media and, yes, spreading the love throughout the networks
  • Work closely with out Country Representative in scanning the existing Taxi Club circulation and scaling the business

Your skills are

  • Developing the new and actively maintaining the existing online presence through social media
  • Analytical thinking
  • Customer support
  • Writing – experience blogging and/or editing

All in all

We are a startup. A dynamically growing one at that. You need to be ready to work on your own, to not be babysit, to expect the unexpected and deal with it, and to get your hands dirty.

If all of this resonates with you, give us a shout at jana.liskova@taxiclub24.com