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Club Prices by a Single Tap

  • Ride for 25 % cheaper price
  • Call a taxi by one click
  • Just download the app and get on with it!

What is it

Join forces and reach for more! We're not a taxi company. We are a club. We work with the idea of gathering individual customers and as a group Taxi - yellow cabnegotiating the best possible prices from taxi companies. So, the more members the Club has, the better deal we get for you.

We are going international. The app works everywhere the same. It locates you and puts you through to a cool local partner taxi company. And you'll get a way better price than the usual one on the market.

In Prague we ride with Profi Taxi. And this is our current offer:

  • Base fare is 30 CZK, standard price is 40 CZK
  • Fare per km is 17,90 CZK, standard price is 28 CZK
  • Waiting fare 6 CZK, standard price is the same

What you get

Shaken, not stirred. Well done, not raw. The way how you want it is simple, but you want it to work for you. And here's what we're guaranteeing you as a Taxi Club member:

Special prices

Special prices

As a Taxi Club member, you get much better prices than the average ones on the market.

A simple get around

A simple get around

Forget about searching for the number. Run the app, tap the “Call Taxi” button and you’ll reach the nearest taxi for the best budget. Get a taxi by one click no matter what state you are in :)

Global network

Global network

The idea is to spread around. The more countries, the better. The app works everywhere the same. When you land in a foreign country, it automatically redirects you to a local partner taxi company. We are starting in Prague. You have to conquer your own land first, right? If you like our idea and want to be a partner in your country, get in touch.

Customer support

Customer support

In cases of problems, we are here to help you with complaints which will be  managed with highest customer care. You'll ride with a well-established company for a discounted price as a Taxi Club member.

How it works

Becoming a member of the Club

Just download the app. Really. It's that easy and totally free. The app on your phone is your ID. It guarantees you discounted taxi rates and other benefits. No kidding.

Make a call

There's only one button. You cannot go more simple than that. Make a call and tell the dispetcher that you are a Taxi Club member, what colour are your eyes and what you're wearing. Joke. I am the Taxi Club member is enough for the beginning. The car will be sent your way.

Identify yourself

When a driver comes, the only thing you need to do is show him the app. That gives you the right for a discounted price wherever you find yourself at and it gives you the right to receive hard-core customer support from us in case you are unsatisfied with the service.

Spread some love

Love is important. For both of us. One-way relationships ain't working. Be so kind, use your social skills and spread your love for Taxi Club around. The more people know about it, better discount we (yes, you and us) get and more cities we will eventually spread to. This could be a beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Who's behind this

Some of us love cars. Some of us love boats. But we all agree around great ideas.  We could say that we're here to disrupt the industry. Heck, the world just loves the word. But, although this could come up as a dissapointment to the world's trend lovers, disruption just ain't our thing.  We're here to simplify it. So, love it or hate it, it's just a one-button thing. And here's who runs it:

Rudolf Belec

Rudolf Belec

Creator, CEO, constellation juggler

The mastermind behind the Taxi Club idea. Originally, a quantum physicist. Loves to contemplate on the bonds between native peoples of the world and modern technologies, which, naturally, leads to the creation of simple out-of-the-box solutions.

Jana Lišková

Jana Liskova

Sales manager, Queen bee

Worked as a producer, fundraiser, CEO and author in many various theater projects and NGOs. Loves jazz and traveling, plays on saxophone and clarinet and brilliantly prepares lamb. About Queen bee: " The mission of queen bee is to ensure the reproduction of honey bee colony and thereby its maintaining. It also has psychological function. Source: Wikipedia

Thomas Bordier

Thomas Bordier

Representative France and Canada

Entrepreneur without borders who created startups in Canada, France, Costa Rica and Czech Republic. Citizen of the World, he likes to travel and share his experiences ignoring cultural barriers. The Web is his hobby, the S.E.O. his passion. 

Adéla Kubíčková

Adela Kubickova

Business development

Loves to escape to her cottage in forest by taxi. Always in move (with at least 5 pounds in her bag). Running hobby site www.bio.cz and wants to become a professional permaculture gardener. Places she never visited: Patagonia, Antarctica, Jamaica and many others. A rock and mountain climber in retirement. Plays no music instrument but is the great listener.

Dragan Pasovsky

Dragan Pasovsky

Creative Planner

Once a serious PhD student, now creative in advertising. Once a beach volleyball freak, now improvisational theater actor who can't sing, but dances well. Dragan is a man of many hats and roles. No matter what it is, it always must be the top quality. Otherwise he is not happy. He is direct and appreciates openness. He loves flavors and diversity. A hard-headed, stubborn lion. When he feels something is unjust, his answer is "No pasarán!"

Matěj Bacovský

Matej Bacovsky

Mobile App Master & Strategy Consultant

Techno-optimist and cyber space pioneer with a laugh that penetrates walls and a focus that could compete with that of a Jedi. Gets the rush from strong coffee, amazing sound, pure simplicity, meditation, diving, yachting and work well done. Oh... and yeah, the original visual hunter of BIOPORT Creative Labs and co-founder of BIOPORT Software Labs and BIOPORT Neomarkething Labs, where new grounds of graphic design, web design, communication, social media and mobile application development are constantly tackled.

Ivoš Gajdorus

Ivoš Gajdorus

Technology Analyst, UI/UX specialist

Co-founder of COEX, Prague software house, innovation and startup enthusiast with 10+ years experience in web & mobile development. Lover of alternative life styles, backpack travel, independent music, DIY culture and Czech beer. Infinite seeker of the balance on the edge between technology and creativity.

Radek Pilmaier

Radek Pilmaier

Process Analyst, UI/UX Specialist

Freedom at work, transparency, honesty, alternative solutions, nothing is impossible. This is the basis on which together with Ivoš established and developed COEX company, that is specialized on services and products based on website technologies today. Alternative spirit with strong feeling for details.


Vladislav Skoumal

Vladislav Skoumal


The Cook , cooking software from the best ingredients so that all tasted good and so that already enjoyed the result from smell wafted from the kitchen. The product is served in ultimate time and perfectly adapted. Devotee of free stay in nature, sleep under the open sky, rafting and winter sports.

Vladislav Musial

Vladislav Musial


Of renowned expert on development of software for smart phones. In time of first WindowsMobile he already created mobile apps which could boldly equal with those of today in terms of sophistication of user interface and running speed. Full time father, avid cyclist, rafter and sci-fi lover.

Lina Marie Damengen Eriksen

Lina Marie Damengen Eriksen

Representative in Norway

Expert in enjoying herself, so she just moved to Prague to expand the horizon. Is the oldest of six siblings, has a degree in PR and works as an air -hostess in the most beautiful country in the world, Norway. But agrees that the beer in Czech is better. Her biggest dream is to live in a forgotten fjord, have horses, goats, babies and boats – and run a pension specialized on local and eco friendly food. Not ashamed to love Harry Potter.

Composed a song for us?

Our Biz Operations girl has a sophisticated ear and a fondness for poems. 

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